Growing Leaders


In response to the 2030 Calling, The Growing Leaders Project is an organization-wide effort to create clear and open pathways for growing leaders and a more diverse, robust, shared, and transparent leadership pipeline. 

The Growing Leaders Project will use shared language, three shared leadership development practices, and a shared system to record the data. 


The Growing Leaders Project is a movement-wide initiative with three key components.

All staff are invited to become familiar with our competency wheel NOW!! 

All managers (Field, IVP & NSC) will receive 9 hours of training in conducting three key management practices

We will leverage Workday to capture key conversations in staff development and Performance Reviews in our new Workday App called Talent and Performance (WDTP)


We are currently piloting the training and resources with cohorts from the Field & IVP.    

The launch for organizational-wide training and adoption will be in 2022-2023.



Some of our resources are available for you to utilize with your team.  

Why Shift To A Competency-Based Organization?

Learn about the strategic decisions behind the Growing Leaders Project.

View The "Why" Page

Competency Wheel

These nine competencies help answer a fundamental question: "What skills are essential for success for all leaders in InterVarsity? Get familiar with these competencies, have fun, and ask questions!

View The Competency Wheel

Competency Grid

Review the grid to see what each leadership competency expectations look like at your level of the organization

View The Competency Grid

Rating Scale

Review the rating scale to see how each competency is assessed.

View The Rating Scale

Competency Toolkits

These toolkits share the skills that are important for success for all leaders in InterVarsity.

View The Competency Toolkits

The Three Management Practices

Click below to find numerous resources to help you and your staff conduct conversations and performance reviews.

Three Management Practices Resources