Event Management

Breakthrough Events

From concept to completion, regardless of size or scope, Breakthrough Events is here to help you put on exceptional region conferences, chapter camps, and more.

Our Services


We can partner with you to research and find the perfect location for your needs. We will guide you in what to look for, what questions to ask, what to do on a site visit and more.


With our experience and history in the hospitality industry, we are able to work with hotels and vendors to negotiate contracts in your favor - getting you the best deal possible.


Getting your attendees registered and organized can be quite a feat- we can take care of it top to bottom or help implement efficient and cost-effective practices to make the process a smooth one.


Every detail matters in events, and we can guide you through decisions like budget, contingency planning, food & beverage, and transportation - all according to a timeline with key dates, goals and milestones.


We can take over pieces of your event, or you can hand it to us completely - allowing us to run it top to bottom with your brand at its highest level of professionalism and efficiency.


The work isn't done with the completion of the event. We can help you process payments, sort through billing, reconcile your invoices, facilitate surveys, and create a list of recommendations for the next event to be even smoother.


Communication is the key to any event - the signage, website, attendee updates, and more. We can help create a communication strategy and delivery schedule, as well as executing these pieces.


Even with perfect planning, there are always problems onsite that need to be solved. We can be onsite with you, ensuring that everything goes according to schedule and helping put out fires before they even start.

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For more information or to learn how we can partner with you, please reach out to:

[ Kylene Hong, CMP
Director of Breakthrough Events
(w) 608.443.3718 ]